Upgrade Face Cradle (to include arm support set)

Avalon's face cradle and arm support set will fit our entire range of electric treatment tables. 

£118.50 inc VAT

The frame is fully adjustable, with a specially designed ergonomic contoured slope to form around the clients face, both support and comfort are greatly enhanced. It is constructed of a plastic moulded plate with velcro strips to attach your face cushion, and two support posts that are inserted into the top of your treatment table. There is a single adjusting lever for ease of setting both height and angle. Suspended below the frame, is a rectangular arm support pad, that offers your clients a place to rest their arms during treatments.


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Consists of adjustable face cradle frame, face cushion and rectangular arm support pad
Made to order in a selection of colours, to match the upholstery of your Avalon treatment table

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