Avalon MultiFlex 3 Deluxe

Fully electric 3 section treatment table with four motors

£2,274.48£3,048.00 inc VAT

Avalon’s Multiflex 3 Deluxe looks exactly the same as the Multiflex 3, however it has the addition of a fourth motor. The forth motor gives you the ability to tilt the centre cushion up by 45 degrees from the foot end, enabling you to raise the clients legs up into the air, if needed, or to raise the knees and lower the feet, etc (eliminating the need for a separate bolster). This cushion remains flat on our three motor version. The Multiflex 3 Deluxe couch is an ideal table for all general and complementary therapy treatments. It is fully electric, with three adjustable sections and four motors. The electric height adjustment boasts an extremely wide operating range, from 18” (45cm) to 39” (99cm). The smooth silent operation ensure’s both, the client’s, and the therapist’s maximum comfort before, during and after their treatment. As the table can be lowered to just 18″ it will make your clients’ mount, movement and dismount as easy and relaxing as possible.

MultiFlex is perfect for a professional, busy but tranquil working environment, where you need to treat many clients of different heights, builds and needs, and will accommodate all of the therapies and treatments that you offer, all the while focusing on client comfort.

Features ...

– Fully electric adjustable height range, back rest, middle and foot section, through handset control pad
– Smooth silent operation
– Minimum working height 18” (45cm)
– Maximum working height 39” (99cm)
– Table length 72” (182cm)
– Heavy duty lockable castor wheels, with level adjustment facility in one wheel, to ensure stability
– Easy clean anti-microbial, moisture resistant & fire retardant vinyl
– Ample space for therapists’ knees, legs and feet underneath the table
– Suitable for all treatments
– Optional extras include face cradle & arm support set, side arms and couch roll holder
– Weight tested to 205kg, however we recommend a safe working load of 175kg
– Three year guarantee on all electrical parts fitted (main control box and actuator lift motors)
– Fully manufactured in the UK
– Colour guide can be seen here

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