Affinity Versalite

Light, strong and economical

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Affinity Versalite sets the standard in the lightweight category and our 25” model is currently the lightest wooden mattress, aluminium framed couch on the market. Although incredibly light, none of the regular Affinity features or strength have been compromised, making Affinity Versalite the perfect portable partner for the discerning therapist.

Features ...

– Weight 11.5kgs
– Height range 24.4″-32.5″ (62cm-82.5cm)
– Dimensions – length 73″(185cm) x width 25″ (63cm) or 28″ width (71cm)
– Materials – aluminium frame and base with 2″ Therafoam padding (sports grade foam) and PU vinyl upholstery
– Working weight – 450lbs (205kg);Face cradle/towel holder ports at both ends (should you wish to upgrade by adding the Power Therapist face cradle and arm rest set)
– Reiki end panels at both ends
– ‘Special’ shaped breathe hole and plug
– Carry case included
– Available in navy
– 2 year warranty
-Shipping weight 21.5kg
– Shipping dimensions (approximately) – length 96cm x width 22cm x height 78cm.

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