Affinity Athlete

Accessible, stronge and versatile

£524.40 inc VAT

The Affinity Athlete was designed to withstand vigorous treatments such as sports massage, deep tissue massage and osteopathy, whilst offering superior comfort and improved access. The lifting backrest makes it perfect for seated treatments, consultations and strapping.

The hourglass shape reduces the need for stretching and leaning thus safeguarding the therapist’s long term health and wellbeing.

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Features ...

– Weight 16kgs;Height range 23″-32″ (58cm-81cm)
– Dimensions – length 73″(185cm) x width 21″-28″ (53cm-71cm)
– Materials – aluminium frame with 2″ Therafoam padding (sports grade foam) and PVC vinyl upholstery
– Working weight – 500lbs (230kg)
– Face cradle/towel holder ports at both ends
– Reiki end panels at both ends
– Adjustable face cradle and arm rest set included
– Ergonomic breathe hole and plug
– Wheeled carry case included
– Available in navy
– 2 year warranty
– Affinity field feet available

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