Customise Your Avalon Couch: Endless Options for a Perfect Fit!

Choices and confidence:

As a leading UK brand of electric massage tables, Avalon Couches are tailored with your business in mind. Featuring a wide choice of bespoke models, uniquely designed to suit your specific needs, each couch from Avalon Couches complements your brand, while enabling you the flexibility to choose the cushion range, size and colour – perfect for your working environment.

Each Avalon couch boasts a comprehensive range of customisable options, so you can create a treatment table that is perfect for both your therapists and your clients.

Wide variety of optional extras...

The options include core elements, such as a face cradle which easily slots into the top end of the couch and can be adjusted to ensure maximum comfort, side arms, to add that extra bit of width and luxury and the option to add a face hole in the top cushion.

With all the options available there is the ability to make a completely bespoke model perfect for your business.

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Specifically designed ranges to suit all needs...

Although our standard range is extremely popular, we also have some unique ranges, that have been specifically designed with certain industries in mind.

We have the Harley range, specifically designed for the Aesthetics industry, due to its extended top cushion, contoured corners and additional head support cushion. Followed by the volupturest, designed for those with larger breasts and breast feeding mums.

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20 Colour Options Available...

 From subtle beiges, to bright blues, we are certain you will find a cushion colour that fits perfectly within your branding.

Not only can you choose your cushions colour, but you can also personalise the framework. As standard our framework is offered in either white or black, however we are able to adapt the framework colour upon request.

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Volupturest Range

Avalon’s Volupturest features a unique boob hole cutout. This is a removable section for the breasts to rest, and be supported, when lying in the prone position for treatments. Making the visit a much more enjoyable experience for clients with larger, enhanced, delicate or sensitive breasts (like breast feeding mums).

The Volupturest range is available on all 2 & 3 section couches.

A face cradle is included with this model, as standard.

Harley Range

The Harley has been designed with the facial aesthetic industry in mind, but it is also ideal for anyone wanting a table, that allows easier access to the face, such as beauticians and skin specialists. It boasts the same luxury features as all of Avalon’s best-selling Multiflex and MultiStyle range, with the added
bonus of an extended headrest, giving an overall couch length of 198cm, contoured corners and the addition of a head cushion, to give more comfort, and extra support to the patient.

The Curve

Avalon’s Curve has been designed in conjunction with one of the world’s leading hair transplant surgeons. It has the added benefit of curved, narrow cushions, which allow the surgeon closer access to the patient, when
carrying out hair transplant surgery, or any other treatment that requires extremely close contact. The widest part of the couch is the foot section cushion, measuring 23” (59cm), narrowing in at the waist and upper body
to 17” (43cm). Please note, the curve is only available as a 3 section standard or deluxe couch.

A face cradle and arm support set is included with this model, as standard.

5 Section

Avalon’s 5 section couch is a fully electric table, with five adjustable cushions, that all move independently above the frame. The framework
remains one continuous length beneath the cushions.

A seated position can only be achieved above the framework by creating a comfortable ‘S’ shape.

Standard Range

An ideal table for all general and
complementary therapy treatments.
The cushions are available in a variety
of colours, widths and depths, with or
without a face hole in the top section.
All couches can be supplied with a
selection of optional extra.