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Specialist suppliers & manufacturers of electric massage couches to the Medical, Beauty & Aesthetics, Massage, Sports and Complementary Therapy sectors

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Avalon Couches™

c/o Cresswell Engineering Limited

5 Headquarters Road



BA13 4JR

Spare Covers for Cushions

and Bolsters

Towelling colour

Fleece colour

Face Ring

Oval Cushion


Face Ring

Inverted pillow

Butterfly shaped pillow

Back Rest Wedge

Towelling Colour Guide

Fleece Colour Chart

Colours: 1) White 2) Black 3) Navy Blue 4) cream 5) Chocolate 6) Green

Please note: Colours may vary slightly.

Avalons bolsters and cushions are available with spare covers. Please select the cushion type, material and colour.

Available in a selection of colours to match Avalon's towelling and fleece couch covers.

Please allow upto 14 working days for delivery, as all our covers are manufactured to order.

From £8.16 inc VAT

Towelling Spare Covers

Fleece Spare Covers

Colours: 1) White  2) Black 3) Navy Blue  4) Cream 5) Dark Green 6) Chocolate 7) Purple 8) Lilac 9) Yellow 10) Bisque 11) Cyan 12) Aqua 13) Salmon 14) Aqua Marine 15) Firebrick 16) Tan 17) Coral 18) Dark Olive 19) Blue 20) Royal Blue 21) Slate Blue 22) Sage 23) Dark Plum 24) Sky Blue 25) Light Plum 26) Light Pink 27) Pale Yellow 28) Pale Spring Green 29) Light Olive 30) Powder Blue

Please note: Colours may vary slightly.

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