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Specialist suppliers & manufacturers of electric massage couches to the Medical, Beauty & Aesthetics, Massage, Sports and Complementary Therapy sectors

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Avalon Couches™

c/o Cresswell Engineering Limited

5 Headquarters Road



BA13 4JR

Top of the range portable massage table finished to the highest standards for client comfort.

The Affinity Sienna offers a professional quality massage table package at a fantastic price.

The Sienna features Reiki end plates at both ends of the table to allow the therapist unobstructed access, a face cradle and arm sling which lengthens the table by 12" & enhances client comfort compared to a breathe hole, a full round bolster support cushion and a wheeled carry case - all included in the package, making the Sienna package excellent value for money.

£204.00 inc VAT

Affinity Sienna Massage Table

A professional quality massage table

Product Features

Colours: 1) Navy Blue,

Please note: Colours may vary slightly.

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