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Specialist suppliers & manufacturers of electric massage couches to the Medical, Beauty & Aesthetics, Massage, Sports and Complementary Therapy sectors

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Avalon Couches™

c/o Cresswell Engineering Limited

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Avalon Couches™ is a leading manufacturer and supplier of treatment tables to the Tattoo and Beauty sectors.  Our mission is to “offer premium quality therapy tables to keep pace with the evolving needs of professionals.

Our sector-leading electric treatment tables (the Avalon MultiFlex and MultiStyle ranges) offer a comprehensive list of standard features - including fully electrically operated height range, backrest, mid and foot sections that have been designed specifically for tattoo and beauty clients - and a range of options, such as cushion colour/width/depth, black or white frame, face cradle & arm support, face hole & plug, side arms and our unique Volupturest (boob hole), to meet your specific requirements.   

All our electric treatment tables are made in the UK and come with a lifetime guarantee.

We understand the specific needs of both large and small organisations. Our business development team has considerable experience of working alongside Project Managers to implement bespoke solutions.  We have previously designed cushions to meet specific treatment requirements which enable the specialist to work on difficult to reach areas and are happy to discuss any design requirements.

Visit our showroom (by appointment only please) for a comprehensive demonstration of our range.

Other Avalon products

We also offer a range of top quality portable massage tables and massage chairs plus massage table accessories, including couch covers, face cradle covers, massage bolsters, therapist stools and massage cushions.



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