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Specialist suppliers & manufacturers of electric massage couches to the Medical, Beauty & Aesthetics, Massage, Sports and Complementary Therapy sectors

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Avalon Couches™

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Avalon's Volupturest 2 is a Multiflex 2 massage table with the added feature of our unique Volupturest (boob hole) - a removable section for the breasts to rest and be supported when lying in the prone position for treatments, making the visit a much more enjoyable experience for clients with bigger, enhanced, delicate or sensitive breasts. (Amy Childs)

The Volupturest 2 is fully electric, with two adjustable sections and a sector-leading minimum working height of just 18 inches (48cms).  Avalon's Volupturest 2 massage table is therefore ideal for clients using wheelchairs or those with any injury/physical disability who would find it difficult to climb up onto other tables.

The Avalon Volupturest 2 massage table has also been designed to meet the needs of the professional therapist.   This massage table has been designed to give maximum legroom to the therapist during seated treatments - it offers unobstructed space under the table for therapists' knees, legs and feet when seated.  In addition the electrically operated lifting mechanism provides therapists with a wide range of working height options.  The back rest is also fully electric. and has a range of adjustment options.

This massage table comes with a Volupturest hole & plug set, as well as

face cradle and arm pad as standard.

£1284.00 inc VAT

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Avalon Volupturest 2

2 section fully electric massage table

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